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Safe Clean Fun are the guiding rules of Jesse Lewis Hypnosis!

Corporate Programs

The difference between a good event and a great one really is the quality of the entertainment you provide! Make your next corporate event a huge success:

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School/Graduation Programs

Customized Shows, to enhance student involvment and hit your school or division behaviour metrics!

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Service Club Programs

Since 2007 Jesse has been offering the unbeatable service and entertainment to service clubs to help raise funds!

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Jesse Lewis Hypnosis- Safe Clean Fun!

Its time to make your event great lets create your entertainment experience together and take it to the next LEVEL





No danger here, we excel at keeping everyone safe! Proper stage management, timing and most important knowledge helps keep your group safe at all times!



All events are kept squeeky clean! Mr Clean himself has nothing on us! In fact we think he is jealous. Want proof he even stole Jesse’s haircut!



I left the most important facotr for last, The FUN!! Fun is the essence of your event and there is no more fun than the Jesse Lewis Hypnosis Show. Audience interaction, mixed with improv comedy, mixed with your groups natural talents. It does not get any better.

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Jesse is on your team

The Professional, Creative & Outstanding Entertainer Your Event Needs Is Here It's Time To Add Jesse To Your Team!

Who is Jesse Lewis anyway and why should you care??

Jesse is THE premium comedy stage hypnotist specializing in creating and implementing your most entertaining event ever!

The reason you should care is simple: Jesse Only cares about your event and its success nothing else!

No Background 2

Let me make the difference in entertainment at your next event!

Here’s few of our prestigious previous clients or as we like to call them friends!


We made the difference at their events let us make the difference at yours!

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

— Steve Jobs —

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This is where you will find out about the stuff going on in the world of Jesse Lewis Hypnosis!
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Jesse Lewis Shows

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Show Host and Hypnotist for your next corporate event in Calgary Canada

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Jesse Lewis – corporate hypnotist in Toronto and other cities in Canada

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